“The ongoing reinvigoration of the vanitas tradition documented in this volume is cause for celebration, and it demands that we pause to consider the genre’s origins and brief, but brilliant, flourishing four centuries ago. Though relatively succinct, the history of vanitas painting reflects the convergence of several fascinating cultural strands, some unfamiliar to art enthusiasts today.”

Peter Trippi


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Forty five celebrated contemporary artists

Daniel Sprick – Will Wilson – Joel Carson Jones – Jacob A. Pfeiffer
Rodney O’Dell Davis – Jeffrey Hein – Nancy Fletcher – Katherine Stone – Timothy W. Jahn Ryan Brown – Daniel Gerhartz – Anthony Waichulis – Mikel Olazabal
Adrian Gottlieb – Scott Fraser – Todd M. Casey – Bart McCoy – J. Brian Townsend
Kierstin C. Young – Joseph Todorovitch – Travis Seymour – Adam Forfang
Angela Cunningham – David Gluck – Joshua Carlton – Gabriella Dellosso
Krista Schoening – Brian David MacNeil – Adam Vinson – Brian O’Neill – Jeffrey Larson Teresa Oaxaca – Star Galler – Carlo Russo – Steven Skollar – Roman Reisinger
Patrick Devonas – Kevin Wueste – Travis Schlaht – Sadie Valeri – Kate Sammons
Dan Thompson – Jeff Legg – Kris Kuksi – Carl Dobsky